WordPress WPPizza plugin Demos (v3)

Please click on the links above to see some demos of the WordPress WPPizza plugin using various popular themes as well as demos of some of the premium extensions available.

For the purpose of these demos – with the exceptions noted below – demos have been setup as follows (you can use the dropdown selector at the bottom of the pages to switch between demos).

Purchase extensions at wp-pizza.com

Theme Demos – Setup

  • Relevant theme activated demos are named after the theme in use with the exception of extension demos (details to those further down and on the homepage of each of those demos)
  • Timezone (WP -> Settings -> General) set to London
  • Thumbnail Sizes (WP -> Settings -> Media) have been set to 64×64
  • Registration is generally disabled (WP -> Settings -> General) However, this has been selectively overridden to demonstrate the option of allowing registration when ordering and access to the purchase history
  • WPPizza installed including default demo pages
  • Added page links of default WPPizza demo pages in WP -> Appearance -> Menu (“Our Menu”, “Special Offers”,”Pizza”, “Pasta”, “Purchase History” etc) to make them accessible from the theme menu and setting “Our Menu” as front page (WP -> Settings -> Reading -> Front Page display -> Static Page)
  • Openingtimes (WPPIzza -> Openingtimes) set to be Mon-Sat 7:30 to 4:00, Sun 8:30 – 3:00. Custom opening times removed.
  • Added “WPPizza Cart Widget” to the appropriate sidebar of the theme (WP -> Appearance -> Widgets) with “Add small minicart …”, “Display Openingtimes” and “Display Orderinfo” selected.
  • For easier navigation between demos a multisite switcher is available at the bottom of each page and emojis have been disabled throughout for sanity’s sake.
  • Exceptions: “Kale” Theme had its demo content removed. “Ember (One Page)” Theme was set up with demo content using “Our Menu” page as “landing page” using [wppizza category="!all"]
    [wppizza type="minicart"]
    instead of the default (to show all categories and adding a minicart at the top as no sidebars are available there).
  • Grid:¬†Grid Layout simply had its style changed to “grid” in WPPizza -> Layout¬†

Extension Demos – Setup

  • More or less generally setup as above, with a slightly customised “Kale” theme (using a child theme)
  • Registration is disabled. However you can login with username:demo , password: demo if you want to see all available backend options. (Note: saving has been disabled here)
  • Each extension demo has – naturally – the relevant WPPizza extension installed and activated
  • For the purpose of each demo superfluous pages etc have been removed as appropriate
  • Please refer to each extension demo’s homepage for further details