WPPizza Demos : “Cross Sells” Extension – Overview

WPPizza “Cross Sells” examples. Requires WPPizza (3.8.4+) and the WPPizza “Cross Sells” extension
    • An example using the WPPizza “Cross Sells” Extension
    • Simply go to one of the menu pages , add an item to the cart and click through to checkout to see it in action

Note: as only ever one size will be displayed per each individual cross-sale, it is possible (and indeed likely in the demo here) that the same item will be shown multiple times – albeit each with a different size. In a “real-life” situation were actual orders will be processed, this is probably less often the case – though not wrong in any event

Setup Options used for the purpose of this demo

    • Standard WPPizza install (with superflous demo pages deleted)
    • WPpizza Cross-Sells extension installed – obviously
    • WPPizza->Order Settings -> Cross Sales: “Maximum number” set to 5
    • Sidebar Widget set to Max Results 5 , Views 2