WPPizza Demos : “Pickup Prices” Extension – Overview

WPPizza “Pickup Prices” examples. Requires WPPizza (3.0.26+) and the WPPizza “Pickup Prices” extension
  • An example using the WPPizza “Pickup Prices” Extension
  • Simply go to one of the menu pages and through to checkout to see it in action
  • Switch between pickup and delivery for the price changes to apply as they have been set-up

Setup Options used for the purpose of this demo

  • Standard WPPizza install (with superflous demo pages deleted)
  • WPPizza->Order Settings -> Pickup: “Allow order pickup by customer” enabled
  • WPPizza->Order Settings -> Pickup: “Choices Toggle” enabled (simply to demonstrate a different option)
  • WPPizza Pickup-Prices extension installed – obviously